Michael Macri


Michael Macri is a renowned singer/songwriter in the Melbourne music scene. His original songs cross a number of genre from classic rock to pop and soul, music that has influences of the past through to the sounds of today.

His distinctive voice captures the best of these influences and transforms them into his own unique style. For many years he has been generating a loyal following of dedicated music lovers.

Michael has just released his new album “Sunrise”. From this album Michael has produced 3 music videos, They are: “Sunrise” “I’m Breaking Out” “Waterfalls and Rainbows”

Recordings of his original music reflect the flavour and the style of Melbourne. His original music is performed by a high energy rhythm section and complemented by a unique 3 or 4 piece horn section, that once seen and heard will leave a positive and lasting impression. Welcome to the world of Michael Macri’s Music.