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Obidi Nnedu - Exitos

Obidi Nnedu Biography

Obidi Nnedu is a Nigerian singer/songwriter, musician and songwriter. His original songs cross a number of genre from classic rock to pop and soul, music that has influences of the past through to the sounds of today.

He was born into a music loving family, listening to a wide range of genres and artists and this played a big role in his passion and love for music. His musical path began only in 2010, upon arrival to study Medicine in Ukraine, singing at local pubs/clubs and at his university, as well as representing his university at different competitions nationwide. His love for music led to his picking up the guitar and learning to play the piano, helping him to develop his songwriting skill. Soon, he became the lead singer of a local group "Vecks", which was formed by him together with friends while still studying at the medical university.

This marked a turning point in his music career as the band performed cover versions of popular/well-known songs, as well as original songs written by him. Over time and after the group disbanded in 2014, he decided to pursue a solo career, writing and performing his songs as well as covers.

His musical style ranges from country, country blues, country rock, contemporary folk, acoustic blues, soul, rock.

His biggest influences include - Tracy Chapman, Sade, Bob Marley, Etta James, Don Williams, Chris Rea, R. Kelly, Kenny G, Julio Iglesias, Kenny Rogers, Isley Brothers, Seal, Micheal Jackson, to name a few.In the spring of 2020, Obidi Nnedu released his self-titled Debut album consisting of 10 tracks, and has since begun promoting his songs, warming as many hearts as would listen

In February 2023 he has signed a contract with a famous Ukrainian label – Moon Records!

The songs of Obidi Nnedu are in rotation on the radio in Nigeria, Ukraine and other countries: France, USA, Сanada, Netherlands, Namibia and Spain.